Is the EDGE Virtual Program open to students outside the Elmore County School District?
The EDGE Virtual Program is open to all students in Alabama.  Parents are responsible for transporting students to Elmore County for course mid-terms, finals, and mandatory state testing.

What grades does the EDGE Virtual Program serve?
The EDGE serves students in grades k-12.

Can my child participate in athletics/extra curricular activities while enrolled in EDGE?
Yes, your child can be enrolled in athletics as well as extra curricular activities. Circumstances are on a case-by-case basis. For more details, contact Cindy Hines at

Is the EDGE Virtual Program Accredited?
Yes, the EDGE Program is nationally accredited, ensuring students will receive a high standard of education while enrolled in the program.

Are there extra-curricular activities available to my student with the EDGE Virtual Program?
Students may participate in clubs with the EDGE Virtual Program, career tech electives at the Elmore County Technical Center, and in base school extra-curricular activities such as, band, drama, and chorus.

Can my child work at his/her own pace?
Daily assignments must be completed; however, you have the ability to create a schedule that works best for your child. Students may work ahead if the required daily work is completed in each course.

What supplies will be needed?
Each student will check out a chromebook from The Edge but will need internet access for at least 6 hours each day. The EDGE will provide each student with access to OFFICE 365 and a school email. The Edgenuity courses have built-in tools; such as calculators, formula sheets, space for notes, etc. *Smart phones and tablets may not be used as they will not be able to support all aspects of the curriculum.

Is attendance taken, if so, what happens when we miss a day?
Attendance is taken and Alabama truancy laws apply. Each student is expected to work a minimum of four hours in 3rd-5th grade and six hours in grades 6th-12th. The beauty of the program is that you can do your work at any time during the day, so if you have a doctor’s appointment, you can work later in the evening. If you miss an entire day, you can work extra on other days and/or non-school days.

What are my responsibilities as a parent/guardian?
Parents/guardians are one of the MOST essential parts of a child’s education. We require parents/guardians to check their student’s progress daily and help them stay on task. We offer training on the platform and have a support team to help you throughout the year with tutors available daily.

What if I am not able to be at home all day with my child every day?
We ask that every student have a capable adult to be with them throughout the day to help the student stay on track. If you are not able to do that, we suggest that you find a Family Facilitator to step in and help. A family facilitator can be an adult sibling, aunt, grandparent, or friend who have a basic understanding of computers and email.

Do EDGE students have to participate in State Mandated tests?
Yes, state-mandated assessments are requirement for each student as we are part of the Elmore County public-school system.

Will my child be required to take tests and exams in person?
EDGE students can take quizzes and unit tests at home. State mandated tests, mid-year exams, and end-of-year exams must be done in person in Elmore County.

My child has been homeschooled; will he/she be required to take placement tests?
Yes, all students who wish to enroll in The EDGE who come from non-accredited schools will be required to take placement tests.

What holidays are observed at The EDGE?
The EDGE follows the Elmore County Board of Education Calendar found on our website.

Will in-person tutoring be available along with virtual tutoring?
Zoom tutoring is our most popular but we do offer some in-person tutoring.

ECTC Career Tech Courses Classes (2 periods):
Year 1, 2, 3

Computer Technology (3)
Construction Tech (3)
Automotive Technology (3)
Hospitality/Tour/Travel (3)
Electrical Technology (3)
Medical Sciences (Advanced) 11th/12th only (2)
Pre-Engineering & Design (3)
Welding Technology (3)
Public Safety & Law (3)
Plumbing & Pipefitting (2)
HVAC (heating, ventilation & AC) (2)
Aviation Technology (2)